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Vodon Pro is the free, open source video player designed for esports coach VOD reviews.

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Multiple viewpoints with instant switch

Vodon Pro features the unique ability to playback multiple synchronised viewpoints from your team at once. Instantly switch between them as you give feedback about the match.

Vodon Pro has been tested with the following games, and because it uses video, can be used with any game you have video footage of!
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Everything you need for the perfect live VOD review

Vodon Pro is packed with carefully designed features so you can have the perfect live VOD review for your team

Multiple viewpoints

Load in as many viewpoints as your computer can handle, playback will be synced perfectly between them


Highlight the action with our inbuilt drawing tools. Easily create arrows, lines and circles.

Frame control

Navigate forward and backwards right down to the individual frames.


Keep track of the important moments in a match to talk about with the bookmarks system.

Slow motion

Slow down footage to 10%, 25% or 50% of its original speed.

Fast motion

Skip the boring bits by speeding the footage up by 1.5x or 2x its original speed.

No advertising

We don't have ads or track the way you use Vodon Pro.

Pan and Zoom

Zoom in and pan around so you never miss a detail.

Presentation mode

Maximise your screen space by using presentation mode.

See Vodon Pro in action

Want to see Vodon Pro being used? Check out the following videos for demos and esports coaches using Vodon Pro.

Sample videos

If you need some videos to see what Vodon Pro can do, our friends at Apex Fundamentalists have generously supplied us with a pack of three videos, all from players in the same match, that you can use to see what Vodon Pro can do!

Download video pack